Monday, June 6, 2011

Soup redefined- add some lamb

Lamb is not one of the meats that come to mind when one thinks of making soup, but this surprising recipe is definitely worth sharing.
This soup is both meaty and light enough to be a starter to a great meal. What I love the most about this recipe is that it is versatile; you can add your personal touch to it or make it a little heavier for the winter months.

Fresh lamb soup bones (with a little meat on them)
4 Garlic cloves
1tsp olive oil
2 Cubes of beef stock
1/4 cup red wine
3 Bay leaves
1/4 Roughly chopped cabbage
4 Chopped green onions
1 Chopped onion
1/2 Yellow bell pepper
1/4 Cup beef stock
1/4 Cup water
1 Roughly chopped potato

1. Put soup bones in a pot and pour water. Add 3 garlic cloves, bay leaves, beef stock  cubes, salt and pepper, olive oil and red wine.
2. Cook on medium heat for 20 mins
3. Take soup bones out of pot and set aside to cool and pour stock in pot into a bowl.
4. Cook onion, bell pepper, potato and garlic cloves until browned
5. Using your hands or small knife, shred meat off bones and cook in the pot with the rest of the ingredients
6. Add soup bones, cover with beef stock (prepared earlier) and add beef stock and cook for 45 mins or until potato is soft.
7. When soup is cooked, cover top of soup with roughly chopped cabbage and cover pot for 3 more mins so that cabbage steams a little but stays a little crunchy for texture.
8. Serve and enjoy!

*All pictures used are original

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