Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Red girl turned White

I have always been strictly a red wine type of girl, until one random night downtown with the girls at a cool lounge called Sip. I ordered the usual, a merlot and even though I wasn’t familiar with the wine I stayed true to the status quo. To my dismay it tasted very awful and I felt like someone owed me a refund. Fortunately my friend who was sitting right beside me was having a glass of white wine that she was enjoying so much she decided to swap drinks. I took a sip and was immediately blown away by refreshing, crisp and light taste!
It was a Riesling! A term I hadn’t become familiar with, as all I drank were merlot, shiraz, rose.. you name it but never a Riesling.

The next day it was off to my local liquor store to find me a bottle or two and it was then that Stamp of Australia Riesling graced my wine rack.. two bottles to start!

I recommend this wine for anything and everything! Winding down after a long? Pour a tall glass. Having dinner or a snack? A nice chilled glass will do. Just hanging out at home or out and about? This is one you can enjoy the whole night! I have personally enjoyed it in all these ways and its is a must have on my wine rack and fridge!

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